Ripple100 Media

Ripple100 Media

Ripple100 Media Labs builds and invests in transmedia and storytelling capabilities, including cloud, mobile, social and game technologies, to offer organizations a powerful platform for engaging key audiences.

Our Media Lab Transmedia Storyworld portfolio includes more than 20 transmedia properties in various stages of R&D and commercialization, including:

  • Transmedia Storyworlds for clients in investment banking, pharamaceuticals, consumer healthcare, retail, consumer durables, automotive, arts and education, travel and hospitality, and government.
  • US Senatorial campaign.
  • Municipal government and grassroots initiatives focused on education reform, transformative technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Each R100-TSW is an authentic story-based movement targeting prime audiences across TV, web, mobile, print, live events and other transmedia.

Every year hundreds of billions of dollars are spent on advertising. At the Ripple100 Media Lab, we are creating alternative models to put those dollars to work in ways that are mutually edifying for the brand, its audiences and society. Stories, movements – with brands participating in a value-adding role because their audiences care. Not ads. By connecting with audiences about values they genuinely care about and in all the places and media they’re already at, Ripple100 Media properties offer brands alternative platforms not just for advertising, but also for CRM, e-commerce and more.

We believe the soul of business is its contribution to society, of culture its contribution to purpose, of brand its contribution to meaning. Why fake, script and sloganize audiences when you can capture their narrative as it unfolds – real stories, real people, real outcomes. When we tell stories in lieu of ads, we enable communities of action, movements where people and organizations mobilize to make the world a better place. This is the future, not just of business, culture and brand, but of humanity.

Designated a Connecticut Technology Council Company to Watch, Ripple100 started in the CUBED venture accelerator in New Haven, CT and is now proudly based in K-COR, the Katipunan Corridor in Quezon City, the Philippines.