Ripple100 Agency

Ripple100 Agency

Designated a Connecticut Technology Council Company to Watch, Ripple100 integrates deep R&D and technology even in its agency offering, building Transmedia Story Worlds for select brands as alternative platforms for connecting with their most valued audiences in increasingly ad-resistant environments.

First, Who is the brand’s audience? Know them, not just as consumers of the brand, but as people. Build relationships, connect with them as human beings; don’t just market to them as consumers.

Second, What does the audience care about? Develop this Care Narrative and build the movement around it. Tie the narrative to brand values, but don’t make it about the brand.

Third, where is the audience? Because those are all the places, media and devices where you’ll be able to tell the story, engage, grow participation – and by affiliation, reap the bounties for your brand everyday. Ripple100 Transmedia Story Worlds typically include:

  • TVC, Radio, Print, Billboard – as trailers, to build awareness and drive audiences to…
  • WebTV – fresh, frequent, regular programming, primarily through video. This is the heart of the Story World, where the human connections and deep engagement happen. It’s where the brand builds relationship and equity.
  • Participative Apps and User-Generated Content. Story Worlds aren’t one-way. Our editorial content is merely to seed and lubricate the narrative, to get others to add their own voice.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Social Media – 5 million fans and followers make way more sense if you have fresh, frequent programming to feed them, and if the content includes the authentic voice of the audience themselves.
  • Live Events, Merchandise and other offlines. Think TED Talks. It’s one of the world’s great transmedia – a series of live events that spawn tens of millions of digital media hits. Why not for Stories, Movements…
  • OPECs (Other People’s Events & Causes) – a critical value prop, Transmedia Story Worlds serve as a platform, or common stage, for bringing like-minded or collaborative parties together, consolidating content, audience and resource requirements.