Ignite NMFG

Ignite NMFG

The National Movement for Greatness (NMFG) will deliver 1.3 billion touchpoints for national greatness by reaching 100,000 Filipino professionals through the Philippines top 100 employers (PH100), using a digital platform consisting of 4,824 micro videos and gameified challenges to inspire an actionable vision of the “Great Filipino Professional”.


Pursued over a 24-month period from 2017 to 2019, NMFG is a first step in our 10-year roadmap to inspire actionable Greatness among 100 million Filipinos and 600 million fellow citizens of the ASEAN. Our mission is to make nations great by making their organizations and professionals great. In a sense, we are building a distribution model for National Greatness through big organizations, starting with the PH100.


NMFG Philippines participation is by invitation only for the top 100 biggest employers and consists of a 24 x 24 x 24 x 1,000 Greatness Campaign per organization:

  • 24 Unique Videos, each about 90 seconds short, will feature each organization’s leaders and model employees – real people sharing real life stories of vision, mission, values, meaning, purpose, connection and heroism in the real context of each organization.
  • 24 Unique Challenges will invite employees of each organization to reflect on each episode and how to apply key learnings to their work; responses will be shared within each organization and a real-time organizational scoreboard shown to all as part of gameification.
  • 24 Universal PSA (Public Service Announcement) Videos, each about 90 seconds short, will build on the theme of “Envisioning the Great Filipino Professional”.
  • 1,000 Employees. All of the above content will be distributed to 1,000 employees of each organization’s choosing via personalized cloud-based accounts over a campaign period of 3-6 months per organization.



Each of the PH100 organizations takes their turn across the 24-month NMFG campaign by deploying the 24 x 24 x 24 x 1,000 NMFG Configuration. Each organization’s campaign will last 3-6 months, featuring 1-2 unique episodes per week until all 24 unique episodes and challenges are consumed.

The combined output of 2,400 unique episodes x 2,400 unique challenges x 24 universal PSAs x 100,000 professionals across 100 organizations creates 1.3 billion touchpoints for National Greatness. From there, we will replicate the PH100 model in our ASEAN neighbors Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, etc.