Ignite NewCo

Ignite NewCo

NewCo is a 3-stack platform for delivering one-stop solutions directly to home and office managers. Our mission is to delight millions of uber busy and over stressed urban professionals by raising home and office management to a whole new level of experience they will come to love and rely on daily. Like a trusted BFF. 

At Stack 1, our AskGina concierge force uses a mesh of hi-touch and tech- and data-enabled diagnostics to systematically turn recurring home and office management drains (financial, time, energy) into measurably increasing gains (like a game), thereby growing client trust across an unnecessarily disjointed portfolio of solutions, including food, laundry, cleaning, groceries, supplies, utilities, bills payment, travel, healthcare, childcare, maintenance and repairs (electricity, plumbing, aircon, ref, etc.) tech infrastructure (hardware, software, networks, connectivity, etc), etc.

At Stack 2, we build, buy, or partner in order to take charge of curating, credentialing, coordinating, managing, and measuring delivery of best-in-class solutions across the long tail of requirements of home and office managers (the above list, to start with).  

At Stack 3, we develop solutions to manage the vast human capital requirements for the labor-intensive solutions we deliver to NewCo customers. NewCo is a marketspace for labor supply and demand: while we do not operate under a direct employment model, we must hit the same value drivers for the people who use our platform to find and deliver work. From recruiting, to onboarding, continuous upskilling, all the way to group benefits like healthcare, insurance, personal finance, housing, etc. our mission is to take care of the independently-employed men and women who take care of our customers, a whole new level of delight for all the human beings we touch. 

With a mix of big data, AI and IoT, NewCo is the future of work and the future of everyday home, office, and life management. Learn more at https://www.askgina.ph/.