1.4 KCOR

1.4 KCOR

K-COR is the Katipunan Corridor, 1.4 kilometers the distance bridging the Ateneo and the University of the Philippines, two of Asia’s finest universities, both located in Katipunan.

K-COR is not a top-down, government or big company chartered development; not even an Ateneo or UP mandate, although we have many and deep collaborations with both schools, as with government and the private sector.

K-COR is a movement for, with, by entrepreneurs, technologists, designers, scholars and thinkers, the creative forces that make Katipunan a singular hotbed for startups and game-changers. Unlike other venture hubs, K-COR isn’t just place or program. K-COR’s driving force is culture, Katipunan is our way of life. We don’t just work here; many of us live here, our friends are here, we spent the happiest, most formative years of our lives here. In Ateneo, in UP, in Miriam our highest ideals and best ideas were born. This is where we learned to get things done, to excel, to work as teams, to fight and never give up. Loyalty and friendship were nurtured here, and service. We love Katipunan for better and for worse. We choose to stay here and many more of us are coming back or moving in, in many cases after advanced degrees and careers in the US and Europe – calling Katipunan home and base for building the future.

We see it as a collective future, our whole greater than our sum of parts. Thus, on the development side, K-COR’s role is to enable the synergies that serially spawn game-changers.

First, to foster encounters and exchanges – on and off campus, in office spaces, in cafes and restaurants; regular encounters and exchanges with daily, weekly, monthly venues and formats.

Second, to channel those synergies towards focused areas of innovation and disruption – not into silos, but into interdisciplinary clusters where K-COR’s base enjoys natural advantages. Example: OpenTV, a disruption platform for turning text-heavy IP into video-rich cloud and mobile content offerings.

Third, to support the synergies with capital and other resources needed to turn game-changing ideas into game-changing products and game-changing companies.