Ignite Zennya

Ignite Zennya

Healthier living through better care

Personalized health and wellness care combining world-class service providers with advanced technology to deliver uncompromising in-home care. Our mission is to deliver quality, affordable, accessible health and wellness care. Take control of your health by choosing services to match your care need through a beautifully designed mobile app that allows you to order the services you need on your time and schedule. 

AI-powered care providers

Our care providers undergo continuous training, assessment,  and professional development through our mobile professional education platform backed by machine learning systems. Providers are guided to deliver services to international best practice standards through every step of customer engagement. Your treatment notes and diagnostics data are captured through our providers’ mobile exam room system and reviewed by automated expert systems. 

Instant access to quality in home care

Quality care can be delivered to your home within minutes by a click of a button. Our systems matches you with the best available nearby providers, your address, payment information,  and history are stored securely allowing rapid access to knowledgeable providers who arrive ready to serve. Our providers are backed by a city wide delivery network to rapidly transport them along with carefully selected and centrally monitored, products, tools, and medical equipment.

Your Digital Health Network

We are building out a personalized mobile digital health network that connects you to a broad range of health and wellness services, laboratories, and online AI backed diagnostic services. Our system well integrate data from mobile connected diagnostics devices and wearables to provide a 360 degree view of your vital health and wellness information.