Ignite Paraiso

Ignite Paraiso

Part of our Ignite Wealth platform: to end the poverty of our Filipino poor by ending the poverty of our Filipino rich.

In partnership with Tony Meloto (Skoll, Schwab, Ernst & Young, and Magsaysay Awardee), one of the great Filipino innovators of all time, who has scaled 2 social ventures to reach and impact millions of Filipinos.

Several ground-breaking social enterprises later, Tito Tony has arrived at the apex of his endeavours to change the world. This time it calls for an end to philanthropy and the pursuit of scalable business solutions for our socio-economic ills.

Enter Paraiso. 

The vision: 300 Paraisos spanning our 7,100 islands, each about 10 hectares at scale, idle land turned into equal third partnerships:

1/3 retained by original landowner, who transforms dangerously idle land into a dynamic platform for socio-economic advancement, producing wealth, income, and livelihood for local communities (instead of squatters). 

1/3 owned by equity investors who acquire lots from the sub-divided once idle land, newly transformed into themed villages – from farm village resorts, to health and wellness villages, to eco-adventure villages. Equity partners also get 1/3 of income streams from hospitality, restaurants, crafts and produce.   

1/3 owned by the local poor, who become equity partners while earning stable income by taking care of the management, administration, and staffing required to build, operate, cultivate, and maintain each Paraiso. 
Our target is to build 300 Paraisos by 2025.