Ignite CTV250

Ignite CTV250

CTV250 is the world’s first Operating System (O/S) for Managing Greatness. We deliver cloud-, mobile-, social- and game-enabled content experiences to big organizations, keeping captive workforce and marketspace audiences inspired, empowered and accountable for Greatness 250 days a year (i.e., every work day).

It’s easy to mistake us as just HR-tech, like it’s easy to mistake Facebook as just social network. But Facebook is the world’s greatest media company. Like all media companies, CTV250 is about building audience reach, frequency and engagement. But, in our case, we’re building captive reach and captive frequency – because we acquire, retain and maximize lifetime value of our end-user base through big organizations, whose employees come to work 250 days a year.

Then, we deliver a very different kind of content experience singularly focused on making the organization great by making every single employee great. We’ve figured out how to operationalize, scale and sustain Greatness (peak performance) in organizations through their human capital.


We partner with big organizations to produce custom, made-for-web content experiences, each experience consisting of micro videos and gameified challenges targeting captive workforce audiences (typically thousands of employees in thousands of locations), to bring to life vision, mission, meaning, purpose, values, strategy, execution and key workforce competencies in the areas of sales, service, operations, leadership, management and compliance – all the most critical pieces to fulfilling an organization’s greatest potential.



While our entry point is enterprise content and technology, we are also building proprietary access (captive reach and captive frequency) to an audience with spending power over a vast array of B2B and B2C categories. Our highly networked audience of professionals make purchase decisions covering enterprise all the way to consumer categories like real estate, auto, healthcare, education, banking, insurance, durables, food, travel, entertainment, etc.

So we go back to our core mission and core competency: we make people great through great content experiences. We start by feeding them content that inspires, empowers and holds them accountable for greatness as professionals – then we do the exact same thing for them as human beings.

So we move from enterprise content about vision, values, strategy and sales or technical skills to topics like financial literacy, home ownership, entrepreneurship, healthy living, parenthood, etc. This is the story of the emerging middle class that is fueling domestic consumption and the rise of many emerging market economies: many in our workforce audiences are the first in their family to have the capacity to save, invest or buy insurance, or buy their own home or start their own business. So it’s very much part of our mission to teach them how and to give them access to the right resources.

From a business point of view, helping human beings to greatness opens up solutions architectures and revenue models like consumer content, subscriptions, native advertising, curated commerce, data, research and analytics. The opportunities are endless if we build this right – to our core mission and core competencies.


CTV250 is a very different kind of media company on a mission to help the world’s biggest and most important organizations Be Legend, by unleashing daily their hero with a thousand faces – i.e., by inspiring, empowering and holding each and every employee accountable for their fullest potential, their Greatness as professionals and human beings.