Ignite CorporateTV

Ignite CorporateTV

Corporate Television is a mediatech platform that combines industrial-scale video production with popular TV and film formats on the content side, and cloud/mobile/social/game technologies on the distribution side.



Corporate Television powers other mediatech ventures in our portfolio, including:¬†CTV250, the world’s first operating system for managing Greatness; NMFG, the National Movement for Greatness, a 10-year roadmap for inspiring actionable Greatness among 600 million citizens of the ASEAN; OpenTV, which seeks to apply Corporate Television’s capabilities to create transformational experiences in education, healthcare, financial and other content-heavy consumer domains; and Digital Learning Pills, which creates video-rich mobile apps for emotional intelligence.



Our made-for-web content experiences are¬†designed to help organizations reach more people in more locations, faster, more frequently, and in a way that drives transformational growth – by shaping the beliefs, behaviors and habits of each organization’s most valuable stakeholders: employees, first and foremost; customers and key influencers; investors; government and NGOs; and the media.



With the capacity to produce videos at superior volume, speed, cost and quality, we convert difficult-to-grasp, text-heavy corporate IP and communications like sales kits, training programs, operating manuals, strategic plans and annual reports into engaging TV formats. E.g., news, talk shows, game shows, soaps, etc.