Welcome to a place for and by founders.

Our mission is to startup, scale and sustain transcendent ventures, and do it again and again.

By transcendent ventures, we mean businesses, products, services, solutions, projects, movements, or any mix thereof, that share this common purpose: 

To advance humanity’s capacity for self-actualization at the individual, organizational and societal level; and to do so at¬†sustainable profit and scale.

By self-actualization, we mean the fulfillment of one’s greatest potential:

For individuals – the actualization of their life’s mission, where their greatest talent and passion meet the world’s deepest need.

For organizations – the actualization of their mission, vision, values, strategies and key competencies, which are lived out through their employees for the greater benefit of society.

For societies – the actualization of the ideals of justice, peace, sustainability and equal opportunity for all.