She is forever darling and eternal goddess of the industry. In beauty and carriage surely, but untouched when it comes to the esteem of peers, and equally of boards of directors at the rate she has CEO’ed one giant name after another. We had been meeting regularly the past 3 years but lost contact in the last months. This week we ran into each other. She gives me a sure tap and says I have been looking for you, you were years ahead, but your time has come. I smile and say do I know it.

Few things are as supernatural as a Vision, God given, whose time has come. This is the essence of business Vision, Mission and Values, even Strategy. Where else do they originate? I can only see them as gifts, as in not mine and undeserved, every bit divine revelation as every bible chapter and verse. It is God speaking today, in every here and now, and thus in eternity, in the talents and demons and pains and longings he has placed in our lives, saying here’s the plan, here’s what I want you to do…

And to the extent we say yes, fiat, be it done according to your will no matter how immense, improbable or personally discomfitting, that is when The Word is made flesh and dwells among us again and again and again.

AMDG, and thank you.

Andre Yap July 11, 2015