Toy Estrera


A legend, has gone to the stars. Only a year ago we celebrated your 90th. Thank you for everything, sir. Amicitiam spero sempiternam fore, AMDG.

Sharing memories from our reunion a year ago. Toy celebrated his 90th birthday on Feb 11, the feast of our Lady of Lourdes. He went home a year later in February 2016.

Pagsanghan, Dumol, Torralba, Ampil. Legends celebrating a living legend. Happy 90th birthday, Sir Severino “Toy” Estrera. You were our real life Keating. You taught us by demolishing the four walls of our classrooms, you admonished us to Carpe Diem long before Hollywood did. You taught us Latin as you did our fathers 30 years before. You taught us to be men, to be students, to be teachers, to be tough and sobre saliente, to be friends. Lux In Domino and Viriliter Agite. Magis and AMDG.

Amicitiam spero sempiternam fore. May our friendship last forever.

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Andre Yap February 8, 2016