To Be Led


Work vs. Leisure. Work vs. Rest. Work vs. Family.

These silos are artificial, man-made, unnatural: they are destructive. I am given but one life and I am given but one me. Why do I live in silos and parts?

How do I break these chains?

I must live my Mission – my family, my work, my play as one and the same Mission – driven by a purpose addressed to me alone, and for which I am fully graced with blessings I am called everyday to share and give in full measure.

I had to ponder this question over a week long leadership retreat last year. What is my most important value? and by week’s end I had to distill it to a single sentence.

For me, the most important thing, even and especially in leadership, is To Be Led. The ultimate peace and joy is to know intimately (not doctrinally or dogmatically) he who leads me and the many ways he does everyday no matter how much I fail him by trying to lead myself.

Of course, I get this more than I live it, and the daily struggle is to get it by living it. This makes everyday, every moment of work, play, family and friends something to wake up to and embrace.

Thankful for this reflection, and sharing it on my sister’s birthday. The most generous soul I know, who works so hard to give the people in her life everything she has been blessed with. Happy birthday, Fran. We love you.

Andre Yap May 29, 2016