Tito Gigi


Tito Gigi was Papa’s classmate, friend and business partner. Then he was mine – a co-founder, shareholder and colleague in the board. We didn’t always see eye to eye about direction, strategy or even what business we were in exactly, but you always treated me with respect; you called me partner and pare, and in your easy going way you treated me like both. You were a pleasant surprise given our age gap and your stature as rainmaker, kingmaker and titan of industries. My favorite times were the random short-notice messages I would send your way or via Tina, asking if you had an hour to catch up. You obliged more often than I thought a busy man would and so we’d sit in the conference room next to your office and shoot the breeze. Your favorite topics were places near to your heart – Barcelona, your nest in Palo Alto, NYC, Cambridge and the next new weeklong seminar in Stanford or Harvard or Columbia or IESE to learn or invest yourself in your next new thing. Lately, you shared a lot about your own Camino and I suppose I will dedicate to you my own approaching Camino and with it always associate Santiago de Compostela with you, your dreams and your fears. I will never forget the fears you shared, never expected them from such an accomplished man. You always spoke fondly and proudly of family. I will miss seeing you at the Ateneo games. I will always remember that once there was an Atenean who grew up, made it big and named his building the Atheneum. I will finish what we started in God’s time and way, and then I will look up, smile and say I told you so. And I know you will smile back and in your own childlike way you will cheer us all on. But then I will have the last say and I will remember to thank you for making a big difference just by being you. Farewell, partner. Godspeed and enjoy your eternal Lux in Domino. Till we meet again, pray for all of us who remain in your friendship, pare.

Andre Yap November 3, 2016