Either we are for peace or we are against it, and I wonder: how many of us are really for Peace, no matter what our Facebooks say. If we really want peace, we have to eradicate the easy definition that it is the absence of hate or violence. We will never have peace if absence is our ambition – because it absolves us from doing something by doing nothing.

And there is much to be done, a full lifetime of it. Peace must be the fullness of love – a love that drives us to live for something bigger than our selves, bigger than our success, bigger than our family’s interest, for many of us, bigger than the next facebook post or selfie.

Peace demands a life that is inflamed, a life that sets the world on fire everyday with Faith and Hope and Love. If we can’t face God at the end of each day and say, Lord, I lived for Faith, Hope and Love today, then we are against Peace.

PS, And by Faith and Hope, I don’t mean religion. I mean inspiring others to believe in something bigger than themselves and seeing how they can participate in that vision by their lives.

(Originally posted in FB 16 Nov 2015)

Andre Yap February 24, 2017