Happens every Monday. I wake up to this overwhelming rush of so many uphill climbs. I re-sort my week’s to-do list and I’m staring at 30-some items on an average week; every one of them is a legit uphill climb. I know I must complete them all, and while I pride myself on being a tough guy, it’s always the hardest thing where to begin. The sheer number and scope is, well, that’s what they invented the word for: Overwhelming.

Of course, I know why. Because I’m hung up on results. I don’t just want to check off on 30-some items knowing I gave each my all; I want nothing short of success on every single one of them. I want Andre Yap’s Desired Outcomes.

So this Monday morning, I’m especially grateful for the reminder.

“You are not God; I am. Focus on what I’m asking you to do and do it the best you can, with everything I gave you. Till the soil; plant the seeds; water on schedule. Then let it go and move onto the next. Always remember, always trust: the sun, wind and rain come from me, and thus do all the bounty of the harvest”.

Yes, boss. OBF, AMDG.

Andre Yap February 13, 2017