Your gift is your melody. It is yours alone and the world longs to be filled by it.

Few of us can sing or write music. But all of us know the power of song and can appreciate this truth about them:

The melodies that fill our hearts and lift our spirits are not written or sung from skill and talent alone; our greatest songs are born and take every breath from a mix of joy and pain, of what fills and what cries out in emptiness.

And all of that comes from the artist.

So it is with our gifts: they are melodies we alone can fill and write and sing, and they are born and take every breath from our skills and talents, yes, but also from the treasures of our joys as of our pains, of our fulfillments as of our longings.

And all of that comes from who?

To find God in all things: is to find the melody of our gifts in all that life gives us; in our talents and skills as much as in our passions; in what fills us and what we long for; in our failures and in our pains. There is our Gift, our melody, the embrace of Grace, the call to give and share it all for a better world. It is true for singers and songwriters as it for all of us.

Today I carry in my heart the gifts and melodies of all of you. May we build a world of peace by filling the people we encounter with the gifts and melodies that are ours alone.

A discernment whispered from this morning’s Mass hymn:

Ang himig mo
Ang awit ko.
Lahat ng ito’y nagmula sa Iyo
Buong puso kong inaalay sa Yo

O Diyos, O Panginoon
Lahat ng biyaya’y aming inampon.
Aming buhay at kakayahan
Ito’y para lamang sa iyong kaluwalhatian.

For my friends who need it, an English translation:

Your melody is my song,
It all comes from you.
I offer it back to you with all my heart.

O Lord, all my gifts you have freely given.
All my life and all my blessings (for what are they but solely for your ongoing work of Creation, of Peace, of Love).




Andre Yap June 22, 2017