LALA Land is no big deal. But for all its contrived, formulaic plot and delicious acting, what makes this worth the popcorn and 130 minutes of my time is its lingering message and those 10ish minutes in the the narrative arc when all the drama was centered on its core dilemma: Will you sell out (and keep your sanity), or will you dig deep and stay true to your Dream, to your Self (at the possible expense of your sanity)?

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The sublime pity is that most people won’t even get it beyond the surface level hollywood cliche. Because most people are too busy with life and belonging to even know a dream, or their self – so how are they supposed to appreciate the drilemma (drama and dilemma) of staying true to them?

Gets to the core of what Steve Jobs meant when Apple said “Here’s to the crazy ones”. He didn’t mean their genius (even though the ad is an all-star list of geniuses); he meant the absolute life-defining craziness of staying true to one’s self, the foremost expression of which is to stay the course against all adversity in order to stay true to one’s dreams. Because as much as our dreams will test everything we got and drive us nuts, we never truly live until we live out the dream that God (or the universe or whatever you want to call it) placed at the very core of our heart and being. That’s why in Maslow, it’s at the top of everything else that makes a human being happy, this crazy little thing called Self Actualization.

A happy crazy lala Sunday to all!

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Andre Yap January 29, 2017