Joyful Mysteries


Lent is a joyful season.

I sat up when Fr. Mario Francisco opened his Ash Wednesday homily with these words.

Speaking of joy, yesterday, I had an epiphany about the Joyful Mysteries – what, after 45 years!

It’s how we accept and embrace the Joy. The Annunciation

It’s how we bring Joy to our family and friends, our colleagues, the people in our lives. The Visitation.

But it’s also how we bring Joy to strangers, Joy to the world, to shepherds and simple folks as much as to kings and wise men. The Nativity.

It’s how we bring Joy to institutions and established norms and traditions. The Presentation.

It’s about how we find Joy again and again no matter how the roads of life bend. The Finding.

This Joy is a joy of sharing and spreading, a Joy that cannot be kept to ourselves. The Joy of transcendence.


Andre Yap March 7, 2017