18.12.2016. IGNACIO.

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Here is my Basque separatist friend (calm down, Nacho Rinc√≥n, it’s just an endearment), a few days before he leaves Manila for the old country. I asked him to take my sword and leave it where it belongs: in the bosom of the basilica of San Ignacio in the heart of the Basque country. I did not realize how much of an encompassing Basque symbol my old man is.

To me, Ignatius will always be a first hero, my knight in shining armor and ultimate romantic whose fire saved me from life without fire; a noble soldier who found his noblest fight and changed the world when he knelt and offered his sword, symbol of everything he held dear, for the greater glory of God.

I leave you my sword, Iggy, symbol too of all that can be noble and good in me. Bring it to our Lady and tell her to make me hers, as you were. Magis, AMDG, One Big Fight, Suscipe. Thank you for all you have given, for your example and first virtue of generosity. These make me rich, all else I can forgo. Help me to know the fullness of these words by the way I live by these words.

There you go, Endika – a prayer to go with the sword. Leave them with San Ignacio, he will know what to do. Gracias, and may the force be with you, my Basque separatist friend.

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Andre Yap December 18, 2016