I believe the universe is a constant flow of goodness happening through good people (God’s ongoing work of creation, if you will). When our good intentions meet with dead ends and difficulties, either of a few things are true, or maybe they all are:

Our intentions may have to be purified or strengthened; the universe will accept nothing less than Love;

Our designs for goodness may need to be tweaked, iterated or evolved; Love must always find perfect Truth, and Truth perfect Love.

Others through and for whom our good works must pass may themselves need realignment so they can continue to participate in the universe’s flow of goodness – in which case our patient and unyielding advocacy and willingness to love are in and of themselves part of the universe’s flow of goodness;

Or, we simply need faith that the flow we’re already IN is per se the universe’s flow of goodness; that we need to look no further than what life is giving, no further than God’s unfolding creation as it IS, not as we want it to be.

To find God in all things, IN ALL THINGS. There is no greater joy and no more powerful force in the entire universe.

Good morning and AMDG.

Andre Yap February 8, 2017