A Father’s Day Thought.

Papa and I get a lot of great new photos every year but this is still the one that brings it home.

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Every man must have his Camelot. Especially a father and doubly so if you have sons who will be fathers someday. A Camelot that’s part real, part legend and 100% Truth; a shining city on a hill with clear ideals and a devoted vision of what it wants to be in and for the world; a once upon a time yet forever place you keep coming back to win or lose, but especially in those times when you falter, when you are down or have let others down because Camelot is the place where you always rise and rise again; an ongoing epic populated by heroes and villains, good vs evil, where you know what you stand for and what you walk away from, what you fight for and what you leave to the gods. Camelot is the great inheritance you pass onto your sons and they pass onto theirs – a tradition, paradoxically, that keeps you dreaming and forever young. Every man must have his Camelot and I am eternally grateful for ours. One Big Fight. Magis. AMDG.

Andre Yap June 19, 2016