Birthday Card

Birthday Card


Birthday card came a week early from my CorpTV family. An office tradition I really look forward to when it comes my turn each year. Hand-crafted for every birthday boy and girl, celebrating each one’s individuality, each one’s journey and point-in-time. Ya never know where they’ll peg you each year…

I’ve honestly loved all the past years’ cards, but this one is so quintessentially on point. Not even about me, but about who we are as a team. Line these cards up from past to present and what you have is an anthropology of everything we’re capable of being.

To borrow from MLK: we have a dream, we’ve been to to mountaintop, we’ve seen the promised land, we know and embrace what it will take from each one of us to get there. A vision so clear and epic we’ve christened it: the Trojan Eagle. The siege of impenetrable Troy took 24 hours – what had been, just the prior day, 10 years an impossible dream! Oddyseuss’ Trojan Horse was brilliant; our Trojan Eagle will be Legend.

How to transcend half a billion years of institutionalized Pwede Na and enable Greatness for 100,000,000 people? Our Trojan Eagle is in flight. We have been asked to do this and we have been graced with abundance to make it real: the hearts and minds and all-hands, a God-given team to fulfill a God-given mission.

Thank you to every single one of you in my CTV family, and especially to Kat who drew this one up (although I am sure this was again a conspiracy of the collective).

You know how I’ll sign off on this one, as I always do. For all of you and for our shared mission: ONE BIG FIGHT and AMDG, indeed!


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Andre Yap September 25, 2016