Van Gogh is Bipolar, and so was he!

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Renee and I finally stumbled into this mythical place last night called Van Gogh Is Bipolar and had a legendary affair with founder Jethro Rafael, who walked out of a lifelong bipolar pathology by letting loose his creative genius, centered on self-styled, heavily-researched “cukoo cuisine”. All natural, homeopathic, farm-to-table, abundant artiste, a wholeness of philosophy and being that caters to food and eating as healing.

As a result of which Jethro has successfully bypassed bipolar pharmaceuticals for the last 6 years.

Somewhere between our 3rd and 4th course (out of 5), Jethro called Renee and I to a small writing table and asked us to jot a short note to anyone, any thing, any place or any experience – so long as we kept aforementioned subject anonymous. What happens next I will leave for you to experience in person, along with all the other craziness that makes this a place to embrace.

That note I leave here in the AHS chapel this morning, to the one I wrote it to, to all I wrote it to.

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Perhaps Descartes got it a tad wrong. We are crazy, ergo sum. We all have crazy inside and the more we let that craziness free and unbound, the more we are who we are, powerful, beautiful, unconformed and thus uniquely formed, alive.

Bravo, Jethro. This world was always meant for one as beautiful as you.

Andre Yap June 19, 2015