Is this the focal point and organizing principle of every founder’s journey?

The Discerment of Gifts? 

Today’s reading was Abraham willing to sacrifice his only son, Isaac.

A man willing to give back the greatest gift given him, and in so doing he realized, far beyond his wildest imagination and ambition, the greatest extent and transcendent power of that gift.

So it is with each one of us, and particularly poignant for founders.

Because your gifts have exponential impact as inumerable as the stars. Like Abraham.

Excited to announce Founders Circle 3, where we will channel a whole lot of Joseph Campbell and the Hero’s Journey. Star Wars meets Iron Man meets San Ignacio de Loyola meets founders and unicorns ca 2017. Invites coming soon. Mark your calendar: Saturday, 05 August 2017.



Andre Yap July 6, 2017