IGNITE CIRCLE 6 | Feb 2018

You are not here by accident. 

Someone saw something in you. We’ve searched Manila far and wide and have reason to believe you are one of us.

Here’s one way to find out.




It ignites in these Circles, then rambles on, like a rampaging, irrepressible wild fire. A force for innovation/collaboration (they’re necessary flipsides) rarely seen in Manila. A fomenting movement to match the lab full of wicked challenges 103,000,000 of us endure daily.


Here’s a peg from Steve Jobs of the flame we seek to ignite.


Ignite Circle 1 was born April Fools Day 2017. We started as a handful of crazies jumping off the plane and building the IGNITE parachute on the hurtle down. Ready, fire, aim. Growing from Circle to Circle to now more than a few hundred of Manila’s restless spirits, we confront these questions as we bring more and more kindreds to each Circle:

Do you have a restlessness that always makes a difference, yet the sense that your best is still to come? 

Do you have a passion you could embrace as your life’s work, as if your whole life led to it? 

Have you met a pain you are especially gifted (and compelled!) to heal – a problem so pervasive its solution could well birth the first Filipino unicorn?

Would you like to embark on the greatest journey of your life, where your greatest joy meets the world’s greatest needs – and take many others with you? 


Is that a yes, yes, yes, YES!

Allow us to share what we’re doing about it – how, when, where, with who – and how might it change the course of history if we dared this mighty thing together.

 A very different kind of Silicon Valley needs to rise when one of the world’s hottest economies also hosts one of its most promising but oh so broken demographics.


Join us for the all-new

Saturday, 03 February 2018
12:00 pm Onward

Unilab Bayanihan Center
JY Campos Hall
8008 Pioneer Street
Mandaluyong City

No Registration, No Entry.


12:00 | Check-In:  Requires online RSVPBYOD (bring your own device) – phone, tablet or laptop with cloud access. IGNITE is a transmedia experience like you’ve never had before!

1:00 | Ignite! Gong sounds 3x at 1pm sharp. Time to jumpstart our all-new Ignite Circle VI with a visioning-presencing experience, followed by a short, powerful film viewing, out of which we declare the Ignite Manifesto.

You’ve likely never heard anything like it. From here, we take you on an afternoon-long experience that will convince you, or disturb, that maybe you are one of us.

1:30 | Personal Discerment A group exercise journeyed alone. What ignites your deepest joy? What ignites your greatest compassion? Where do these flames intersect? Who else might be journeying on that same path?

2:30 | Pieces of the Puzzle Personal discernment meets courageous conversation meets performance art: each of us holds literally a piece of the puzzle. We thereby shape, expand, and reshape a collective force that takes on the evolving movements of our individual parts.

4:00Breakout We process what just happened…

5:00 | Send Off We wrap up with a vision of possibilities and potential next steps – plus a surprise ending helped along by a healthy dose of algorithm and wrapped in an individual Gift Box for each Igniter.

Happy hour, socials, and light reception follow until 9pm. Snacks and coffee will be provided throughout the Circle.

We look forward to seeing you for Ignite Circle VI! Here’s to the crazy ones!

– Ignite Corps ’18

Seats are free, but limited so we would greatly appreciate your RSVP below.

    YOUNG PROFESSIONAL. I'm 5-10 years into my career and wondering what's next.CAREER & FAMILY. I have/had young children and am looking to balance/restart my career.GROWTH BUSTER. I am mid-career and most interested in living a meaningful life.SENIOR EXECUTIVE. I've had lots of success and still have plenty to give.