Founders Circle 3 | August 2017

It’s our great pleasure to invite you to


August 2017 Discernment:


(and how is this different from being an entrepreneur)?

Are you a relentless high achiever with a sense that your best is yet to come? 

Do you have a passion you could embrace as your life’s work, as if your whole life led to it? 

Have you met a pain you are especially gifted (and compelled!) to heal – a problem so pervasive many would be willing to pay for a solution (or pay much for a solution)? 

Would you like to embark on the greatest journey of your life, where your greatest joy meets the world’s greatest needs? 

If your answer to these questions is YES, YES, YES, chances are you are called to be a Founder (not just an entrepreneur). 

Join us for Ignite Founders Circle 3 on 05 August 2017 and find answers to these burning questions:

  1. Am I called to be a Founder (and how is this different from being an entrepreneur)?
  2. How do I take next steps – whether I am well on the way or just beginning – in my Founder’s Journey?
  3. Where and how do I find the all-important people who will journey with me all along my way as Founder?


Saturday, 05 August 2017
1:00pm to 6:00pm
Happy hour and light reception follows

5th floor
First Pacific Hall
Rizal Library
Ateneo de Manila University

No Registration, No Entry.

1:00 | Check-In: Requires online registration. BYOD (bring your own device) – phone, tablet or laptop with cloud access. This is going to be a transmedia experience like you’ve never had before!

1:30 | IgniteNot our mother’s usual welcome remarks. We promise you’ll get a kick out of this.

2:00 | Hero’s Journey: A personal framework for the Discernment of Gifts – which will point, undeniably, to why you are here on earth and the journey you are called to make.

2:30 | Individual Exercise: Discovering That Slice of Humanity Whose Pains I Am Particularly Gifted to Heal – a piece of the universe meant for you and you alone.

3:00 | Breakout Session: Exchange Gifts.

4:00 | Plenary Sharing: I want to meet someone who is passionate about [fill in your blank].

5:00 | Send Off: Take the next steps into your Founders Journey and learn how you can get help all along the way.

Happy hour and light reception follows.

We look forward to hosting you for an afternoon of discovering and embracing your superpowers!

– Andre, Riva and Jake

Please complete the RSVP form below and identify which group you belong to.

    YOUNG PROFESSIONAL. I'm 5-10 years into my career and wondering what's next.CAREER & FAMILY. I have/had young children and am looking to balance/restart my career.GROWTH BUSTER. I am mid-career and most interested in living a meaningful life.SENIOR EXECUTIVE. I've had lots of success and still have plenty to give.

    About Ignite Founders Circle

    How do we ignite founders? By gathering high achievers, helping them envision the fuller extent of their superpowers and showing them a path to fulfilling their greatest potential, far beyond what they ever imagined.

    Once ignited, we partner with founders to build and invest in transcendent ventures.

    Founders Circle 1 was about Love Story: how being a Founder taught us love and compassion.

    Founders Circle 2 the talk was all about the Filipino Unicorn and the founders who would birth the first billion-dollar Filipino startup.