Founders Circle 1 | April 2017

Four hours of our 01 April 2017 Founders Circle summed up in two words:

Or a song. To remind us how mission and purpose feel when “it fits”.

Thanks to all the founders, investors and kindred spirits who joined us. Following is a photo essay of Founders Circle 1. Watch out for Audrey’s reflections here. And mark the date: FC2 will be Saturday, 6 May 2017.

Four hours just blew by at our founders fishbowl!

Great conversations all along the way.

Begin with an end in mind and a roadmap how to get there…

…and trust Purpose to help us iterate, evolve, pivot and keep the faith all along the way.

What an honor to have Wayne Silby, grand daddy of impact investing and founder of Social Venture Network!

Volenday’s Julio Endara and Tao/CashCash’s Fred Levy improving Spanish-French relations.

Bloomberg’s Quintin Pastrana has Georgia Perrine’s back.

Ignite Founders’ Audrey Arayata and Venteny’s Junichiro Waide.

The Prophet of Boom Dr. Bernie Villegas surrounded by the signs of the times.

Healthcare founder Marty Mills making a point (he always is) with Dr. Jac Angeles

Investors Kieran Martin and Matt Kolling and super founder Fred Levy working on US-French relations.

Global Acumen fellow, Yellowboat founder and now AR/VR entrepreneur Jay Jaboneta causing trouble again.

Jinx Dy, Gerry Roque and Michael Hsu prove that 3 > 2.

Jay and Gear Fajardo, first couple of Manila’s startup scene!

Former executive and now executive coach Tony Galvez, Neuropsych Dr. Carla Pineda, Finance prof and startup CEO James Kang, Edu entrepreneur Clifton Esteban.

ExceptOne’s Rhodora and Jojo Fresnedi lending their genius and getting us started on the road to shared transcendence.

Jojo on Discovering Purpose

No copying. And yet it’s not funny. How many people are clueless and living everybody else’s “purpose” but theirs…

Giants in their fields reflecting on purpose. Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet and Wayne Silby of Calvert and Social Ventures Network.

A tale of two cities. The stakes are the same today as in Dickens’ 1850s London.

We talked about factories for industrial-scale inspiration, the evolution of human beings into media beings, mad scientist labs and paying the price for choosing the path of purpose over the easy path…

…and how they all led to a movement, and possibly the first actionable vision of the Filipino for the Filipino by the Filipino.

Double rainbow greeted us for our post-circle happy hour, dinner and rockeoke. Lots of deep and lasting connections as we ended past 2am!


The Key Takeaway:

That’s how we caught it from our end. We’d love for you to use the comment section (scroll below) to add your highlights, photos and key takeaways.

See you in Founders Circle 2!

Original invite below

It’s our great pleasure to invite you to


April 2017 Discernment:


We ask this question twice. First, of ourselves as individuals; then, of the organizations we lead. Our answers lead us closer, everyday closer, to fulfilling our greatest potential – for shareholder value, for societal impact, for joy and meaning.

And we’re betting (well, investing) that out of this will emerge the first Filipino unicorn – the first billion-dollar Filipino company – that will impact humanity on a global scale.

Saturday, 01 April 2017
12:30pm to 5:00pm
Ateneo de Manila University
Loyola Heights, QC
3/F Room 303-304
John Gokongwei School of Management

12:30 | Registration

12:50 | Welcome Remarks

01:00 | Discerning Purpose: A guided personal exercise, followed by breakouts and a plenary reflection.

Let’s explore Discernment as a kind of “operating system” for vision, values, courage, resilience, impact, success, ultimately for joy and meaning.

03:30 | Founders Fishbowl: Open talk with 5 founders on their ongoing journey of mission, meaning and purpose and its foundational link to building breakthrough ventures.

Some of our founders talk openly about God; others don’t buy religion. What we share is an inner well that embraces a purpose increasingly bigger than ourselves.

04:30 | A Call to Ignite Founders: We share our mission and roadmap to build up founders who will build transcendent ventures.

We confront this pragmatic challenge and propose a landmark vision: can we build by 2025 the first billion-dollar Filipino company that impacts humanity at a global scale?

04:50 | Closing Remarks.

Founders-style happy hour and salu-salo follows in La Vista 5 minutes away.



Bi-monthly discernment circles for founders, by founders – with investors, advisers and others partners in building transcendent ventures

Complementary and by invitation only.

Seats are limited so we would greatly appreciate your RSVP.

Thank you and see you in Founders Circle!

– Andre & Audrey of Ignite Founders