It’s about people (investors, mentors et al) who help people (founders) who help people (customers) be the best people they can be.

Founders Circle

The goal of Founders Circle is to help founders and would-be founders continuously discern, nurture and sustain the mission, purpose and values at the core of every transcendent venture. Founders Circles happen bi-monthly and are open to individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary capacity for achievement and are interested in building transcendent ventures. Click […]

Lab + Leap

Founders Circle participants who qualify for Founders Lab get seed funding and graduated access to mentors, domain experts, shared resources and growth capital as they meet key milestones representing escalating proofs of concept across a 12-month period. Build a case for transcendence. Share data and insights, preferably built on personal […]

Advisory Boards

Meet some of the most important people who encircle our founders. Mentors help, not just with decisions, but with discernment. Providing suppprt through advisory board structures, our mentors are founders themselves, or professionals of high achievement, or spiritual directors; all share a commitment to help founders in their ongoing process of discernment as they […]

Domain Experts

Recognized for their expertise and leadership across industry and academia, our domain experts provide our founders with technical or industry-specific advise in our areas of investment focus: Education, Lifelong Learning + Child Development; Health, Lifestyle + Wellbeing; Human Capital, Professional + Career Development; […]

Capital Partners

With access to over PhP 5 Billion in private equity funds, our capital partners provide continuous sources of seed, venture and growth capital for founders who meet key milestones in our Founders Lab and […]

Shared Services

We want our founders to focus on the core activities that build transcendent ventures – so the point of shared services is to augment the founder’s team with execution and operating resources in non-core areas: Venture Finance; Accounting; HR and Administration; […]